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Organic Additive Sodium Humate Shniy Flakes Organic Fish Fertilizer

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Amino Acid Fish Fertilizer

Formulation Compound amino acid;polysaccharide;small peptide;N-P-K;small cell bacteria
Compound amino acid ≥30%
Polysaccharide 5.80~9.65%
Phosphorus 0.7~0.86%
Potassium 1.0~1.26%


(1)It has abundant nutrient and long fertilizer efficiency. It can promote the healthy growth of plants stably and continuously.
(2)Activate the soil nutrients and improve the fertilizer using ratio.
(3)Improve the soil structure. Strengthen the water conservation and fertilizer conservation ability.
(4)Strengthen the plants' ability of stress resistance, disease resistance and drought resistance. Prevent plant diseases and insect pests. Lower the production cost.
(5) Reduce farmland pollution. Lower the nitrate and heavy metal content in the soil.
(6) Improve the plant quality and yield.

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