Product Details

High Quality of Ammonium Chloride Tech Grade 99.5

Model Number 99.5
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Item Standard
Ammonium Chloride 99.5%min
Moisture  0.5%max
Iron  0.0005%max
Burnt Loss  0.40%max
Heavy Metal  0.0005%max
Sulphate  002%max


White crystal granule usually 2-4mm odorless, taste with salt and cool. Easy agglomerating after moisture absorption, soluble in water, glycerol, and ammonia, is insoluble in ethanol, acetone and ethyl, it distillates at 350 and was weak acid in aqueous solution. Of ferrous metals and other metals are corrosive, in particular, greater corrosion of copper, non-corrosive effect of pig iron.

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